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 New Ranks!

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PostSubject: New Ranks!   Tue May 26, 2009 1:19 am

Man... A lot of updates are coming with this revival! Anyways, I added a few new ranks to our collection.

Post Ranks:

0+ Nothing (no rank yet)
50+ Novice
100+ Initiate
250+ Apprentice
500+ Acolyte
1,000+ Specialist
2,000+ Master

Special Ranks:

VIP: A special rank awarded to a person for doing something great. Or of great magnitude. Benefits: Undecided
Donator: A rank given to a person who donates to the forum. All money used will go to making the forum better. Benefits: Mod like powers
Moderator: Self Explanatory
Tech Mod: Ditto.
Supporter: Someone who shows a lot of support to the forum. Who keeps it alive, helps me with suggestions, and guides people.
Top Poster: Self explanatory.


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New Ranks!
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