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 Warhammer Story

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PostSubject: Warhammer Story   Thu May 29, 2008 10:16 pm

This is a warhammer story i wrote in 7th grade. hope you enjoy it.

First to Fight
I was on the frigate the Litany of Fury when we got a transmission that one of our ships had disappeared in orbit of the planet Cadia. We powered up and made our way around the planet. When we arrived we saw thousands of Tyranid ships and drones. We also saw that thousands of odd looking drop ships were being sent planet side.
“Get us out of here lieutenant!” barked frigate commander Kastor. But it was too late. The Tyranid drones were all over us in a matter of seconds. The auto guns on the outside of the ship did their best but were melted away by the rain bioplasma.
“Get to the drop ships!” I yelled. The alarm went off in the hull and echoed through the ship. We had been boarded.
“Get to the drop ships NOW!!!” bellowed Kastor. The crew pulled out their lasguns and abandoned their stations. When the door opened three Tyranid hormagaunts lashed out, scything through two crew members. After dispatching them we made our way to the shuttle bay to see a skirmish between crew members and Tyranid drones. We ran off to one of the Landers that was charging up. Off to our left a door blew down and dozens of Tyranid Genestealers and Hormagaunts poured into the bay and started to pick off the remaining crew members.
“GET US OUT OF HERE!!!!!” screamed Kastor. With a loud thunk and some metallic clicks we left the bloody shuttle bay. It was a very bumpy ride as we hit atmosphere above Cadia. When we landed and the ramp opened, I just stopped. The whole ground had been turned to some kind of brownish black ash as far as the eye could see and all the buildings in every direction had been reduced to rubble and smoke clouds billowed in the distance.
“Well, everybody should try and hook up with their own company, MOVE OUT!” Kastor said. I drew my laspistol, turned on my chainsword, and moved towards the last recorded location of my company. On my way there, I encountered some men from the 302nd Varden Rifles. They said my company was held up in the north and had sustained heavy casualties. I trudged on. After about an hour I encountered one of my men scouting around and had him lead me to their position. When I got there I was relieved to see that not too many of my men were missing. Then one of the medics ran up to me and said:
“Sir! You need to come with me!” so I followed him to the field hospital were I saw Sgt. Sicarius lying on a stretcher.
“Hey! Now we’re all saved!” He said as I came up to him. “Dang Tyranids got to me, didn’t cause too much damage though. I’ll live……I think.”
“Well you’d better! I don’t want to be left here alone with just Octavius! He scares me!” I whispered.
“Heh, I bet!” he said back
“Well, get better soon because we’re moving to a position off to the west. It should give us something to hide behind. It’s an old citadel that got hit by whatever did all this. We should make it there by dawn. So gather yourself up. We’re moving out!”
After a long hike we finally made it to the citadel, only to find that captain Cortez of the Elysian 101st drop troops had garrisoned his company there too.
“Well well, what do we have here?” he said. “Lexopher? Is that you?” he said
“Yup, same old me.” I said. “So, looks like you fancied this spot too.” I said.
“Yeah, but you arrived just in time! We’ve got word that there's alot of Tyranid activity west ward oh here about 4 klicks. And they're headed our way..”
“Looks like we arrived just in time.” I said. “Well, lets get set up, it’s gonna be a long night.”
Six hours later we got a report from Sgt. Angelos, saying that the Tyranids were only a few kilometers away.
“All right boys.” Cotrez said. “Tonight the Tyranids are going to march on this position . Now we are heavily outnumbered and have almost no way of getting reinforcements. Intel tells us that if we lose this pass, the Tyranids are going to have a straight shot at the capital city. So no matter what we do, we hold until relieved. Now who’s with me?” he said. A roar started up among the troops that eventually became a cheer.
“Good! Now let’s go kill some aliens!” Cortez moved down off the rocks.“Well, at least now they all have some faith in us, you think you can keep your men’s confidence intact?”
“I’d better be able to, or this battles going to be over in ten minutes.” I said.
“Yeah….well, better tend to your men, the bastards are coming. Oh, and good luck!”
“Yeah, you too, see ya when we’re relieved!” I said
There was an eerie silence over the fortifications as the Tyranid army got closer. Then, in an instant, every man in the base opened up on the swarm. Swathes of Tyranids were cut down but more just took their place. After about ten minutes of pure shooting the Tyranids broke through our lines. The west wall was overrun and Genestealers started pouring into the breach.
“Direct your fire at the breach!” Someone said. Volleys tore into the aliens but they just would not stop coming.
“Attach bayonets!” I said as more and more swarms broke through the lines.
“CHARGE!!!” someone said. I was about to charge into the fray when a mortar shell exploded next to me, knocking me flat on my back. When I got up, all I could hear was a droning ringing sound. I realized that I had temporarily lost my hearing. When I got up I charged into the mass of human and Tyranid forms. Immediately I was cut across the chest and knocked down. A clawed arm swung down at me only to be yanked away by Captain Cortez’s power fist. He helped me up onto my feet and said,
“Try not to fall down so much, it doesn’t kill the Tyranids.” Then, he was off to help some other Guardsman in trouble. I hacked my chain sword through the thorax of a Tyranid that was on top of some Elysian. I turned to block another blow but was knocked face first into the ground by a giant taloned foot. I hacked at the leg time and time again, but each swing did nothing to the bony exoskeleton of the of the hive tyrant. I looked up into its red glowing eyes and lost myself in them. A screeching voice shattered into my head as the Tyrant scratched at my mind, driving me to insanity. Before I became completely insane, the Tyrant’s head simply exploded into tiny shards. the Tyrant’s foot lifted off my back . I took this moment to roll out away and struggle to my feet. Now there were only a few soldiers left fighting. But then, the Tyranids stopped for a moment and glanced up at the sky. A deafening roar ripped through the air as an Ultramarines Thunderhawk gunship soared over head firing lances of lascannon fire into the swarm. Another Thunderhawk, this one a transport ship, landed behind me and poured out thirty Ultramarines. One of them walked up to me and said;
“I am Captain Uriel Ventris of the Ultramarines 4th company. I am here to evacuate any remaining survivors of Cadia.”
“Why?” I asked.
“This planet is scheduled to be exterminated due to the swarm becoming uncontainable. So gather up any remaining troops, and get a move on.”
“Guardsmen! With me! We’re leaving this god-forsaken planet!” I yelled.
I ran up the ramp and into the interior of the Thunderhawk. A bloody and beaten Captain Cortez stumbled up the ramp and plopped down next to me.
“So I see you made it too.” I said. He was too tired and worn out to answer, so all he did was just grunt. A small trickle of troops ran into the Thunderhawk under the covering fire of the Space marines. The ramp finally closed, and the ship took off.
Three hours later we were on the deck of the Space marine cruiser the Veiled Salvation.
I watched as the bridge servitors charged up the Exterminatus Array.
“Fire.” Uriel said. I watched as the planet turned into a black barren rock. I let out a long sigh and walked over to Cortez.
“I’m going to get some shut eye. Wake me when we arrive at the next out post.” I said. Cortez nodded and gave me a crisp salute. Then I walked over to Uriel and said,
“Thank you.” He nodded back and we both exchanged salutes. I then went to my quarters and thought.
“It’s over.”
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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Story   Thu May 29, 2008 10:20 pm

I dont know anything whatsoever about warhammer, but that was really fun to read. Nice job on that. Kinda zoned out at some parts, but really cool.
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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Story   Fri May 30, 2008 5:05 pm

i dont do warhammer either but that was still pretty sweet Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Story   Fri May 30, 2008 8:37 pm

I wrote a a book of chaos for my legion I was going to start up...but I can't seem to find it.

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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Story   Fri May 30, 2008 11:19 pm

tom i didnt read it cuz im on a time crunch, but i REALLY want to read it and i will.

AGH i love warhammer books
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PostSubject: Re: Warhammer Story   

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Warhammer Story
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